Blog changes

Hello hello! We’re back again with me talking to myself and anyone else who like me is nosy about reading the lives of others. For me it’s a lot, I’m an introvert yet on a psychological level people intrigue me. Hence why I almost became a psychologist but decided doing it for curiosity is probably not a good enough reason. Aaaaanyway..

T his blog is experiencing a slow shift on it’s topics, originally I moved to the Czech republic which was very interesting to both live and write about but unfortunately, job sucked, moved home. I am now back in England teaching kids English and forgetting any Czech that I knew. Not that I knew much before but my shining glory was my McDonalds order, and now I can only ask for a hot chocolate which is delicious but hecking useless right now.

SO what can you expect I hear me cry ( I said it in my head dramatically, don’t worry I’m not quite at raving lunatic yet). Well I am still freelancing so the teacher life will forever present some interesting stories *shudder* I’m not exaggerating when I say a story I have is a little gross and disturbing (my friends know it, if you want to know I am happy to indulge morbid curiosity). So yes, teaching stories but also language stories. I’ve mentioned it a little before but I find it an interesting discussion. Recently I paid for my Level 3 BSL course, and am actively researching how to become a BSL interpreter, at the moment this involves a potential masters degree in the future but more on that later.

For people who know me, they often comment on my weird array of hobbies so I’m happy to share. As I like to say I am a librarian- stripper, epic nerd but with a love of sexy things XD My other hobbies are pole dance, aerial silks, yoga, knitting etc. Those are my favourite ones anyway.

Honestly this change has come from a desire to expand and just write about things that interest me, I like to discuss topics that I think might help others but let me know what you think. I tend to just word vomit my thoughts in a semi-organised form so if you have any questions…well that’s understandable.

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