The teacher becomes the student becomes the teacher

Absolutely nothing to do with work but I hope this cake makes you as happy as the E numbers made me hyper!

So a couple of months ago I was rambling about the wonders of freelance writing, people seemed to like it so I thought I’d give a mini update (see self-motivation), maybe people just liked it because freelance- oneofusoneofusONEOFUS! But hey ho, I’m optimistic

So, I have now been a functional working adult for the past 8 months… also mourn for the loss of 2019, where the heck did he go sneaky b*****d…..but yay! Go graduate! I’m aware my nursing friends have been doing this for much longer than me but I am like that Spongebob meme of rainbows and flower petals.

I’d mentioned a lot of other hobbies and activities I was sorting out. Taxes and Ni is an ongoing pain in the butt, I was weak and got a personal accountant to help me out- she is an angel in my dark days and I love her. I don’t know if personal accountant are a big thing? but if you are like me and legal-document reading-ly challenged it is extremely useful, I pay her every month and she helps me make sure that all of my work and income stays legal. Win-win! If you have questions feel free to ask, she has been great and I will show her off like a kid who made a thing.

Since last time I completed my level 2 BSL, oh yeah how’s that for body language (badum- chhhh, I’m sorry, I’ll stop). So at the moment I’m having a cool down to consolidate and will start up Level 3 soon, I’m learning that being a qualified interpreter is a lot harder than I originally thought so bear with. Speaking of languages (haha get it? Okay I’M SORRY), I now take weekly Italian classes with two fantastic teachers, it’s a lot of fun and man can I see the difference in my skills. I have to admit that I had been getting so rusty, if someone had asked about it on my CV I would have been embarrassed, people would ask about it and I would awkwardly say “Sure I can!” while laughing it off and distracting them….

I realised I was having a problem recently, I was getting a little stuck in routine and something about not using my brain makes me go a bit stir crazy. As a result my CV looks really unusual and keeps on growing like a lichen of knowledge. Not necessarily a bad thing and I’m sure plenty of people have done it but I am a restless monkey person that needs enrichment or I start to lick cage bars and fling poop. That was a graphic visual but having worked in a zoo I have seen it happen.

So leading on to the message for today:

You’ll find in one way or another, whether it be in work or hobbies or family, that you fall into the category of a student and a teacher. In my case teaching is my job and in the rest of my life I am mostly a student (save the dance teacher thing, but that was awhile ago). When you notice this you start to see the cycle of it all and how they benefit each other. So this post is my ode to being a student to be a better teacher to be a better student. (If you’re reading this in the New Lion King month then please insert “The circle of life” song here).

That was a lot of rambling for a very small point but I hope it was fun for you, it was fun for me the puns will amuse for the next week when I start giggling chaotically in random places like the bread isle or the cinema. Anyway if you have any comments or questions I would love to read them and well done for making it to the end.

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