Being a teacher in the summer holidays

The biggest Pro point for most teachers is the summer holiday, but sometimes that does not happen. Welcome to freelancing where holidays are no guarantee.

I read the above part back and it sounds like a really bad movie description so apologies. I’m currently talking to some teaching friends and while I’m still plodding through my one day weekends these guys over here don’t know what day it is anymore. The envy is real, I miss the sleep!

So here is an insight into freelance teaching, where I make myself feel better by talking about facts. Obviously we do get holidays- outside of term time! Ha Ha cheaper plane travel is ours! And you’re a lot more likely to get those holidays due to your freelance timetable, you work strange hours you get some leeway šŸ™‚

You’d wonder if our work load changes over these summer months, and in this case I would say yes but the amount is likely dependant on your student nationality/workload etc. For example The majority of my clientele are children and teenagers from China/ Taiwan, from talking to them they get a lot of homework that takes up a lot of their holidays. They are very dedicated students and really work hard with their studies so you’ll find that the shift in work load for teachers over the summer doesn’t noticeably change. This gets a little tricky when you start forgetting about the holidays and then get surprised when you go into town and there are kids everywhere.

It seems to be all about the pay offs; yes I’m in a stuffy room that can’t have distracting noise, but the screen goes to my shoulders so booty shorts for the win. I work weekends, but I have all day access to ice cream. My staff room is my bed and students I don’t like rotate to other teachers (I mostly get to keep the nice ones, they’re good peeps)

Well I hope you guys got something from this, I now feel much better about being an ESL teacher and am off to get some ice cream before my next class.

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