Lets get Acttiv

If you get a prelim contract you get a gadget, I’m a sucker for gadgets

Now the more astute amongst you will be checking that grammar like a fiend, and you may have even googled it, maybe you have heard of it. That it is Acttiv and if you have ever been on holiday you might see these overly happy people wearing orange wandering around hotels.

So why am I telling you about these orange people, well following on from my last post I was considering future plans, now Acttiv is a company that provides entertainment to companies, mainly if exclusively, to hotels. I have been aware of Acttiv for many years and when I was changing my job back in February I applied to their company. When I was applying there wasn’t a lot about the application process or working for Acttiv, so this is a collection of my experiences so that other people can have some more info about what they might be getting themselves into. You’re welcome. Let’s begin.

The website: Acttiv is one of the best known entertainment companies for hotels, through its website you can send off your CV for consideration (from here you will get emailed job offers, this is best if you already have experience, or after you’ve completed the course), you can apply for the online course (this is in English and is required by Acttiv if you have no previous experience), you can see when the next casting will be or what jobs are currently available.

My application process: Now luckily for me I was in a country where a casting was occurring, so I applied to go, you get a confirmation email but this won’t have the details so make sure you save them as the event disappears from the website on the day. On the day wear some comfortable clothes as you will be dancing around, take a snack and a drink as the day can get long if you are accepted.

So you arrive on the day, you register in and get your number. The first thing they do is introductions, you watch the videos and there is a presentation about the work at Acttiv. The people are so friendly and informative they will ask any questions you have, they’ve been there and done that so they can tell you everything. Next is a fun part, you talk about yourself so get comfortable in front of crowds because then you’re up dancing (this was my favourite part). Once you’ve done the entertainer basics you get to show off a little bit, if you’re a dancer, singer, performer or have any other fun skills that can be done on the floor go for it. This is your time to shine and can really make you stand out. After this it’s the waiting game while they consider the candidates, if it’s a yes then congratulations they will talk to you one-on-one, talk about your options next and what you can do,sign a preliminary contract and tada! You did it!

The online course:I had no previous experience so I did this course, the alternative option for some is to go to one of their hotels and do an in-person course. Either way you will go through the same points and presentations and tests. For the online one you will want a youtube channel because you will need to upload videos of the course. I won’t give too much away with the course, it’s pretty fun as far as courses go so just enjoy it and throw all your enthusiasm into it.

Job offers: Once you pass the course you will receive a diploma within a couple of weeks, you will have been asked to confirm when you’re available so you should start getting some job offers in your emails. Do your research and hopefully you find one you fall in love with.

what I know about working for Acttiv from friends : Currently I haven’t taken a job with Acttiv so here’s what I’ve heard from friends, it is a fantastic job but please don’t underestimate the hours. It is a long day and a busy day, you will be tired and you need to make sure you can stay positive because you are the smiling face the guests are waiting to see, at breakfast, walking around the hotel, in a nightclub…keep smiling and be professional. It is a tough job in this sense but |I think the benefits are worth it don’t you. Lots of sports opportunities, sometimes acts will come to the hotel and if you ask nicely maybe they will teach you about their skills. Some of my friends have learnt fire acts, Irish dancing and handstand skills from acts that have visited you. If you’re looking to be the boss animator at your hotel you need to be fluent in Spanish, even if everyone speaks English the company is Spanish and you will at some point have to communicate to the higher ups in Spanish.

I hope this has been helpful to anyone considering the job, if you have any questions drop me a message and I’ll be happy to talk about it.

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