6 months later- Teaching English

Phew, my first grown up graduated job, I have officially been called an English (as a foreign language) teacher for six whole months. Go me! Woop Woop!

It’s been a six months of many realisations, the primary being still don’t like and never intend to have children of my own. Ironic right, teacher who dislikes children, don’t get me wrong they are hilarious sprogs but being a teacher has probably enhanced my previous disposition of Heeeeell to the nope I will have sixteen pets and be perfectly content.

But anyway, this post was not meant to be a discussion of my opinions, okay some of them, but I am feeling in a reflective mood so heck it lets reflect.

Was it what you expected? Is a job ever what you expect it to be.. obviously at the start you have the rose-tinted image of your new job, everything is new and to be learned as you get comfortable. As you settle you soon begin to see the nuances of the job, particularly the working environment everyone starts to interpret the coworker dynamic,this is pretty unavoidable. I mean my second job teaching was a work from home type so this is the thing missing for me..but as an introvert Ican’t say I mind too much.

I think the biggest surprise with teaching in particular is how draining it can be on your body, when I was talking to some other teachers we described it as happiness on steroids, this happiness you maintain for a welcoming teaching environment. Don’t get me wrong we are mostly happy at work, but there is a lot less manoeuvrability especially when teaching children to show when we are having a bad day and that can be tough. There’s something to be said about that, smiling when you’re down makes you happy, but man does it feel chaotic.

What have you learnt? Hmm this could be a broad question, about myself? the job? English? oof the possibilities. It sounds cheesy to say I have learnt a lot in a short space of time, by wanting to do well in a job you open yourself to feedback, you know not everyone student will like you (and vice versa) but for every critical student you will find an amazing student you love to interact with and they are my favourite. I love being able to be silly with the children and making sure they can have fun while they learn because languages are damn hard!

Thinking about the myself I am able to better define aspects of a job I enjoy (self employment is fun!), In the job I have better learnt how to get the best from it. As the first graduate job the stability of an income is fantastic and has the vicarious benefits as you sort out bills and living, taxes and NI and pension. Phew, the routine and balance is a very nice consistency in life that I enjoy, I would guess others enjoy it too?

What happens next? Always forward thinking, ‘Do I stay or do I go..dundunduhdundunduhdodo‘ (sorry couldn’t help it), Does anyone else get anxiety at thoughts of the future? Because the idea of settling in a job for the indefinite future is somewhat terrifying to me. But I still have future plans! Places to go! i want to move countries! HALP D:

It happens I suppose, if anyone has any tips for overcoming this I would be very interested to hear them. But for now, we teach alll the English with smiley smiles!

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