What happens after Uni

Going from exam land to the world of work, that strange feeling of not being tested on everything. (Well that I know of..)

The changes in mentality…I don’t know about you, but my life plan stopped at University. All life consisted of was study-study-get into university- discover life’s secrets and everything will fall into place. Basically I expected Uni to solve all my problems and I’d come out the other end a well rounded adult with a dream job. I can hear everyone who’s ever graduated laughing with me right now, hahahahahayoufoolIamstillamesshahahaha

That post-graduation time is quite the wake-up call, no more midday naps and life between exams. You have to get your act together, take everything you’ve learned and put that into sending your CV into the world and getting used to good old rejection. Don’t take it personally but everyone else you had lectures with is doing the same thing as you right now. Great.

The world of work. Fun times. So say you managed to find a job you kinda like (yeah optimism!), so for some jobs you get work reviews, other jobs have commission, maybe your job asks clients for feedback reports. Either way, this is probably the closest you get to an exam in the working world. The fun part is this exam’s kinda based on your personality rather than your smarts, great right. But still it’s a strange change, for the majority of your time once you’re settled into the job you are left alone to get on with your work. You are trusted to do a good job with your tasks , no days off because you are hungover, no putting work off until the night before the deadline.

Let’s just appreciate that transition from student to working individual. It’s HARD. At least you get to leave your work at work though right? Small mercies.

What I did

Now I am a bit of a weirdo, I like to learn things, I did not know how to adjust to this test-less lifestyle. TEST ME SO I KNOW I STILL SMART! Please tell me there are other people who relate, can I hear a woop woop? No? okay.

I advocate the self improvement mentality, why does your academic achievement section have to end after degree? It doesn’t! You do you! You can learn languages, get qualifications, first aid training, be a teacher… I used to believe that the job you got after Uni was it, maybe you’d have 2 or 3 jobs in your life, because that’s how a lot of our parents did it. Now the possibilities are endless, the average number of jobs a person has is at 13-20, so may as well do what makes you happy.

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