Hello all! It’s been awhile since my last post, a lot has been going on in this crazy life of mine. In the month of march I decided to call a close on the life in Czechia. Short but sweet.

It may seem a little soon, after 3 months isn’t this a little hasty? Well, perhaps, but unfortunately it was no longer working for me, I was feeling lonely and I was still having trouble feeling like I was truly fitting into my situation. This can be normal, a lot of people can get these feelings, or they feel homesick or like they want a fresh start. After travelling to the different cities and meeting people around the Czech Republic, I felt like I had been misled about my job, so I did my research and started working.

The move was surprisingly easy, you know somewhere is cold when you arrive in England and it feels warm! It was so foreign to me walking around and suddenly being able to understand everyone, to talk to anyone, the opportunities were endless and it was so relaxing to my brain.

So, after a week off to re-settle in England, I started working online as an English teacher for iTutorGroup. They have been amazing! It’s so straightforward and professional, I loved the atmosphere of the work and meeting other teachers during the training sessions. It was very reassuring, after months of struggling to think of progression options and interesting topics for my much older students, I was now being provided with level progressive lesson plans! it was like the dream. And did I mention the fabulous work commute from my bedroom to my office! The dream.

My students are from all over China, Taiwan and Japan. They are so intelligent and dedicated to learning that I now believe these children will take over the world. They are amazing students and it really builds confidence.

Anyway, this post may seem like a bit of a ramble but the moral of this story is that you are never stuck in a situation, there are always other options and opportunities for you. If you don’t like your situation, you can take control and change it! All you need is confidence and some pasass for the future!

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